Sodium Nitrite

CAS No.: 7632-00-0

EINECS No.: 231-555-9

Molecular formula: NaNO2

Molecular weight: 68.995

Index: GB/T2367-2006

Properties: The appearance of sodium nitrite is white or slightly yellowish crystal, relative molecular mass 69.0, specific gravity 2.168, odorless, slightly salty, easy to deliquesce, it has very good water solubility and hygroscopicity, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. The pH is about 9, soluble in liquid ammonia, and slightly soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol and ether. The melting point is 271 ° C, the decomposition temperature is 320 ° C, and it has both oxidizing properties and reducing properties. It will slowly oxidize to sodium nitrate in the air and form a diazo compound with the amino group at low temperatures.

Uses: Sodium nitrite is often used as a metal heat treatment agent, 10% aqueous solution is also used for electroplating, is a plating corrosion inhibitor, steel corrosion inhibitor; silk, linen bleach. Sodium nitrite is also used as a mordant for fabric dyeing. The dye industry is used in the manufacture of dye intermediates, and is also used in the manufacture of dyes such as ice dyes, sulphur dyes, direct dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, and basic dyes. The pigment industry is used in the manufacture of pigments such as silver, red powder, candle red, toluidine purple, and red sol. Chemical analysis reagents, vasodilators for medicine, and raw materials for the production of potassium nitrite, nitro compounds, azo dyes, etc., and are also used for disinfection of medicines in medicine. Used as a coloring agent, anti-microbial agent, preservative in the processing of meat products.


Product specification list  

Main Index Unit Superior product First grade Qualified product Food grade
Sodium nitrite %≥ 99.0 98.5 98.0 99.0
Sodium nitrate %≤ 0.80 1.00 2.0 -
Chloride %≤ 0.10 0.17 - 0.10
Water insoluble %≤ 0.05 0.06 0.10 0.05
Moisture %≤ 1.4 2.0 2.5 1.8

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